Please complete before the next class.

Make sure that you’ve completed all previous HW first.

I mention two misc. exercises below worth 1 point.. Once asked you to post a selfie with your textbook and calculator (due Jan. 21). The other asks you to post a screenshot of your first RStudio session (due Jan. 15, by 3pm). Remember that misc. exercises have hard deadlines (save something extremely unusual), so get them in early.

If you have one, please bring your laptop to class on Wednesday, Jan. 16, so we can do a little R.


Read and review your notes and my notes and my slides over models.

Textbook and Calculator

Once you have obtained the textbook and calculator (see the syllabus for the details), there is an assignment on Cavnas worth 1 point. It asks for a selfie with your textbook and calculator.

R and RStudio

This semester, we will learn a bit of statistical computing. We will use R.

To avoid pesky setup issues, we’re going to use RStudio in the cloud.

  1. Go to and create an account by clicking “Sign Up.” (You might have already created an account. If so, sign in.)
  2. To start your RStudio session, click “New Project.” You should see an RStudio session similar to the screenshot below.
  3. To stay organized, change the project title (near the top) from “Untitled Project” to “Trying R for the First Time”.
  4. At the console prompt, enter commands like 2 + 2, 2*3, or 4/6 and press return/enter to run. You should see R print some predictable output.
  5. Take a screenshot of your RStudio session (like the one above) and post it to the Canvas assignment for 1 point.

Outside of this class, you can use a local installation of RStudio for speed and convenience, but the cloud version nearly eliminates all the super-frustrating installation issues.

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