Note: Students should complete the homework after the associated class, but before the next class.

Course Schedule

Jan. 6: Introduction [HW]

Part I: Approaching Data

Jan. 8: Questions [HW]

Jan. 13: Models [HW]

Jan. 15: Statistical Computing with R [HW]

Jan. 20: MLK Holiday (No Meeting)

Jan. 22: Causality [HW]

Jan. 27: Loading Data in R [HW]

Part II: Describing Data

Jan. 29: Histograms [HW]

Feb. 3: Histograms in R [HW]

Feb. 5: Exam 1

Feb. 10: Avg. and SD [HW]

Feb. 12: Avg. and SD in R [HW]

Feb. 17: Normal Approximation [HW]

Feb. 19: Correlation [HW]

Feb. 24: Regression I [HW]

Feb. 26: Regression II [HW]

Mar. 2: Regression III [HW]

Mar. 4: Measurement [HW]

Mar. 9: Regression IV [HW]

Mar. 11: Exam 2

Mar 16: Spring Break

Mar 18: Spring Break

After Spring Break, FSU switched to online classes. In response, we change the structure of the last five weeks of the class. See this announcement on Canvas.

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