Course Schedule

Jan 06: Introduction [HW]

Part I: Approaching Data

Jan 11: Questions [HW]

Jan 13: Models [HW]

Jan 18: Statistical Computing with R [HW]

Jan 20: Causality [HW]

Jan 25: A catch up day. See HW for Jan 20.

Jan 27: Meeting Cancelled

Feb 01 Loading Data in R [HW]

Feb 03: Exam 1

Part II: Describing Data

Feb 08: “Histograms [HW]

Feb 10: Histograms in R [HW]

Feb 15: Avg. and SD [HW]

Feb 17: Avg. and SD in R [HW]

2-22-22: Normal Approximation [HW]

Feb 24: Correlation [HW]

Mar 01: Regression I [HW]

Mar 03: Regression II [HW]

Mar 08: Exam 2

Mar 10: Cancelled

Part III: Inferring from Data

Mar 22: Probability Theory [HW]

Mar 24: The Numbered-Ticket Model [HW]

Mar 29: The Normal Approximation for the Numbered-Ticket Model [HW]

Mar 31: Sample Surveys [HW] <— video of class here

Apr 05: Confidence Intervals for Percents [HW]

Apr 07: Hypothesis Tests [HW]

Apr 12: Review [HW]

Apr 14: Regression, returned [HW]

Apr 19: Regression, Part II [HW]

Apr 21: Regression, Part III [HW]

Tuesday, April 26, 5:30pm. – 7:30pm: Final Exam [formula sheet]

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