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In class, we looked at this histogram.

# load packages

# load ideology scores data set
nom <- read_csv("")

# keep only legislators from the 115th congress
nom115 <- filter(nom, congress == 115) 

# plot
ggplot(nom115, aes(x = ideology, fill = party)) + 
  geom_histogram() + 
  scale_fill_manual(values = c("Democrat" = "blue", "Republican" = "red"))


Read ch. 4 of FPP (the textbook; see the syllabus) and do the assigned review exercises here.

As I mentioned in class, Rob and I are working on a textbook to replace FPP. We made a lot of progress on our chapter for this topic. Read the chapter “Average and SD” (currently chapter 4) and do the exercises throughout. Some problems in the notes are similar to those from FPP (e.g., calculate the average of this list of numbers).

For a given list of numbers, make sure that you can calculate the average and SD. If you’re signed in to your Google account, you can create problems and check your work by creating a copy of this Google Sheet.

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