Please complete before the next class.

Make sure that you’ve completed all previous HW first.

Show Notes

At the beginning of class, we looked at this histogram:

And here’s some code that get’s us started today.

Here’s my outline for the class and code to load the data. See the finished product link below.

# load packages
library(tidyverse) # load tidyverse package, which has lots of useful functions.

# load data
nominate_df <- read_csv("")
# note: for the sake of simplicity I'm loading directly from the web.

Here’s the code, if you want to follow along without writing all the code. We looked at these slides (see this video tutorial where I talk through the slides).

You can find a live-coding example of the group_by()/summarize() workflow here.

Do and Submit Computing Assignment 1

You can find it here. It’s due by midnight on Friday, Feb. 25th. I strongly suggest that you submit this at least one day early to allow margin for unexpected problems.

Average and SD in R

Read, review, and work through my notes on average and SD in R and complete the review exercises at the end.

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