Please complete before the next class.

Make sure that you’ve completed all previous HW first.

Show Notes

In class, we…

Extra Credit

For 1 point of extra credit as a class, finish filling out this spreadsheet answering questions about this worksheet that we started in class. Let’s get it done before class on Wednesday. Note that this is public, so anyone can edit. (If things get crazy, I might have to require you to request permission.) I also encourage you to use comments to suggest corrections rather than haphazardly changing things if you get a different answer. If you’ve got the necessary die, etc., feel free to leave a comment noting that you can finish the physical simulations.


Read ch. 17 of FPP (the textbook; see the syllabus) and do the assigned review exercises here. Make sure you’re comfortable setting up the box model–next class we’re going to use the box model.

Computing Assignment 2

Do Computing Assignment. Remember it’s worth 5% of your final grade. It’s due Monday, April 8–the Friday due date didn’t work well for us.

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