Please complete before the next class.

Make sure that you’ve completed all previous HW first.

Alternative to Class Meeting

I was sick today, so instead of a class meeting, watch this video. (There’s also a low-quality version if speed becomes an issue.) In this video, I walk through how to calculate a correlation coefficient. There will be an exam question that asks you to do this entire process. (Other questions will ask about parts of the process.)


Spend a few minutes learning to guess the correlation coefficient here.

Read ch. 10 of FPP and do the assigned review exercises here.

Misc. Exercise (Due Wednesday Before Class)

Do the exercises from ch. 10 of FPP. (If you are pressed for time, then try a representative handful of the exercises. especially the harder questions. Be sure to include question 2(a) on p. 176.) Upload a scan of your homework (I use the iPhone app Scannable). Note that this is a graded misc. exercise. I’m going to check whether you’ve “made progress on the assigned exercises.” If you’ve attempted too few exercises or organized your work poorly, then you’ll not receive credit.

This is due Wednesday before class.

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