Please complete before the next class.

Make sure that you’ve completed all previous HW first.

Materials for class

A survey about your handedness.

A tweet with an excellent example of histograms.

A paper with histograms of student evaluations of male and female faculty. If you’re interested to see how students evaluate men and women differently, you can see the words they use here (e.g., “brilliant”, “sweet”).

A shiny app to examine the effect of the binwidth on the histogram of ENEP.


Read ch. 3 of FPP (the textbook; see the syllabus) and do the assigned review exercises here.

Rob and I have started working on a set of notes that will hopefully replace FPP in few years in the future. These notes are in-progress and will (hopefully) evolve as we add, remove, and improve the content. We have written a short chapter on “Histograms” (currently ch. 2) that you might find helpful to read. It covers the most important ideas from ch. 3 of FPP.

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