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Loading Data

As I mentioned in class, I’ve had excellent results with RStudio Cloud so far. I encourage you to switch if you run into problems. So far, it offers a much shallower learning curve by resolving two unimportant technical difficulties (installation and working directories, if you’re curious). The only downsides I’ve found are that you must be connected to the web and it’s slightly slower to load.

Read and review your notes, my notes, and my slides over the basics of loading data into R. Answer the review questions thoughout the document. Remember to practice!

b <- c("Male", "Female)  # missing the second " after "Female"
exp(23  # forgot to close a parentheses
log(10 base = 2)  # missing comma between arguments

a <- c(1, 2, 3)
mean(A)  # R is case-sensitive--there's an object "a", but no object "A" 
mena(a)  # misspelled function name
Mean(a)  # R is case-senstive

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