Please complete before the next class.

Make sure that you’ve completed all previous HW first.

In class, we went through these slides.

We derived the formula for the slope and intercept, using this logic.

Practice Quiz for Probability and Inference

I posted a practice quiz for probability and inference that you can take to prepare for the final. It draws upon a large bank of questions, so you can take it multiple times and get practice and feedback.


Read chs. 11 and 12 of FPP (the textbook; see the syllabus) and do the assigned review exercises here.

It’s really important that given the averages of X and Y, the SDs of X and Y, and r, you be able to calculate the slope, intercept, and RMS of the residuals.

Computing Assignment 2

We’ve (finally) covered the material you need for Computing Assignment 2. It’s officially due April 22, but I recommend doing it soon.

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