Please complete before the next class.

Make sure that you’ve completed all previous HW first.


See the previous HW if you haven’t got RStudio working on your computer yet.

Read and review your notes and my notes over histgrams with ggplot2. Answer the review questions thoughout the document.

Submit your answer to the final exercise for 1/2 point extra credit on Canvas. Of course, prioritize exam preparation.

As before, I give the following advice about the R assignments.

b <- c("Male", "Female)  # missing the second " after "Female"
exp(23  # forgot to close a parentheses
log(10 base = 2)  # missing comma between arguments

a <- c(1, 2, 3)
mean(A)  # R is case-sensitive--there's an object "a", but no object "A" 
mena(a)  # misspelled function name
Mean(a)  # R is case-senstive

Prepare for the Exam

You should bring a pencil and your calculator.

You are responsible for remembering your calculator. You will need it. If you forget, then you will be without a calculator. I cannot provide backups for the whole class, so I’ll not provide backups for anyone.

I will bring the scantron forms.

In reviewing, just make sure you can handle the review exercises. If you can do the review exercises, then you have learned what I wanted and will do well on the exam.

The exam covers everything, including drawing histograms with ggplot2 in R.

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